New! TV


Here's what made us thinking: the admen are great at creating magical, magnetic, moving ideas for clients, but rarely they are just as creative in their own yard.

Take, for example, advertising archives. Say, you want to get inspired - what do you do? You google how? Youtube what? Browse ad archive where? Get what results?

We (us being a creative agency) decided to do something about it: creating a channel which transmits ads 24/7 and organising them in quite different ad blocks. Quirky, stupid, unexpected. Because we all know it damn well - ordinary and predictable is rarely something to marvel about.

New! TV is ment to be consumed randomly, turning in, watching a bit, having a laugh, an applause or a howl. And being patient, our friends, because this is only the beggining and we are learning as we build our train tracks.

Support us with your ideas, themes, links, fiery passion, basically, anything but pets (we have a very small office).